Wow, the current real estate market can be confusing.  Some houses get multiple offers and the same house down the street does not.    There is a reason for this, and when you see this happening and want to know the reason send me a quick text or email and I can probably research it and tell you.  The Sellers market is slowly evolving into a Buyers market, some subdivisions more quickly than others.  The emerging Buyers Market is evident in some price points.

Whatever the condition of the current  estate market,  I have experience.   Experience allows me to to help you market your unique property to achieve the highest possible sales price.  Would love to have the opportunity to talk with you about your personal real estate goals and what might be the best time to move forward.  Whether you are moving forward this year or at a later time, it is not too early to start a real estate conversation with your Local Realtor.  in any market, a home fairly priced and marketed correctly will sell with a fairly quick and easy process.  Today, If your home is in fantastic move in condition you can still achieve top dollar and cross your fingers for multiple offers.  The Collins Hill High School district is the geographic area this Realtor loves to work in.  Sharon, a RE/MAX Best of the Best recipient,  has been selling homes in this area since before it was Collins Hill.  Working repeatedly inside this market allows me to stay up-to-date and sustain familiarity about each subdivision's personality, style of home, HOA/POA affiliation and more.  Distressed Sellers are still around but are often hidden.  Traditional investors are still purchasing homes, and the new I-buyer programs are growing; new home building is thriving, subdivisions are healthy.

As always, it is my goal to help you reach your personal real estate goals; never any pressure, just information.

Dear Collins Hill Seller,

Looking for the "right fit" to walk with you through your real estate transaction?  My unique knowledge of the local market and hands-on, personal marketing added to my easy availability equals a track record of high selling prices time and time again.  Do you want to see Book of Successes?  Just ask.

In this particular market, if you are interested in purchasing another home let me show you how to sell high and buy low.   Right this minute there are two types of homes on the market....the first type goes under contract quickly....the second type of home sits on the market.   By working with active Home Buyers daily, up-to-date knowledge creates an understanding of what today's Buyers really want.  Working together with you, we can formulate a plan to prepare, stage, price and market your home so that you will receive the highest possible price in the least amount of time.  Understanding the local real estate market changes is becoming increasingly more important.  Knowledge of current statistics and market information is constantly updated resulting in the ability to answer with surprising accuracy your questions about what your house is worth today.  On-line value computations take into consideration only information that can be entered into their algorithm.  If you are going to be purchasing a property after you sell your home the rising interest rates may need to be factored in and I can do that math.  Would you like to have a comfortable relationship with a Realtor that can give you accurate counsel and sound advice based on both experience and market facts?  Would you like to sit down and work out some possible scenarios for your personal situation?  It would be an honor to have the opportunity to meet you and talk with you about Real Estate. 

What type of Seller are you?

I want to sell my house 
If you know you want to sell your house, but are in no hurry and want to get top dollar, let's sit down together at your convenience to discuss how to reach Your Real Estate Goals.   Sometimes it is all in the timing and the time might be NOW.

I need to sell my house 
If circumstances are such that you need to sell your house your motivation is a little higher than those that just want to sell their home. Our intimate knowledge of this area will help you make informed and educated decisions.  

I have to sell my house 
If you are in a situation where you MUST sell your home call right now, no matter what time it is.   Whatever your situation, having an experienced, knowledgeable Realtor available to answer your questions makes the process less stressful.


It is a changing Real Estate market today, just look at the Real Estate snapshot in your own neighborhood.  The Buyers today are well educated.  I am familiar with the Home Selling pathway and would love to walk it with you.

As always, it is my goal to help you reach your personal real estate goals--- never any pressure, just information.


Sharon Rose Merritt